Git styled calendar with custom dates

Git styled calendar with custom dates

Let us assume that you have a set of dates. You want to display these dates in a readable clear way.

For example like this:

So I have great info. It is required an hour of coding. It is one line of code, maybe two...

In this article I will show how to generate an image like these.

What do you need?

  • jq - great toll for json / text processing
  • node - js interpreter
  • awk - text processor for selecting data


npm i -g cli-gh-cal

Preparing file with dates

We want to prepare a file with dates like these


Allow us to assume that you need to show dates of creation of files in your folder with photos. You can do it using the command

ls -l --time-style=long-iso . | awk '{print $6}' | sort > /tmp/dates.csv

Option --time-style allows showing dates in easy to the processing format. Next awk selects column with dates and sorted dates are saved in temporary file /tmp/dates.csv .

Displaying git styled calendar

Now if you want to display these dates you need to type

cli-gh-cal --data "$(jq -R '[inputs | [.,1] ]' < /tmp/dates.csv)"

In this case, we put to work jq - powerfull templater for json files. It allows replacing the list of dates to json string required by cli-gh-cal. After executing this command you should see an image similar to presented at the beginning.

Required packages

To work there have to be installed node. I recommend installing it with nvm on the local machine.

Next package - cli-gh-cal can be installed by npm - node pacakges manager

Finally, you need also jq

I hope you like this article. For me, it is a great example of how a small amount of code is needed to achieve great-looking results in data visualization today. Wow!

Screenshot from my console