How to install MongoDB 6 on Fedora 37

Mongodb 6 installation on Fedora Linux 37. Article shows lacking fragment of official docs and two steps after installation that are presented in extremely simple way in comparison to other sources.

How to install MongoDB 6 on Fedora 37

In official docs there is instruction only for Redhat

Install MongoDB Community Edition on Red Hat or CentOS — MongoDB Manual

and it contains $releasever in repository file. But on fedora $releasever is not defined. So to fix it you can check url

and see that higest version of redhat is 9. Because of Fedora is experimental polygon of Redhat you can derive conclusion that it should works if you use redhat repository on fedora like this:

sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-6.0.repo<<EOF
name=MongoDB Repository

Now you can install by

sudo dnf install -y mongodb-org

so there are two assumptions that are correct:

  • using redhat repo for fedora works
  • using dnf for yum repos works

Now you have to start mongod service

sudo systemctl start mongod

And you can connect with mongodb by mongosh

Mongosh is better than mongo command because of colors and autocompletion, so use mongosh instead of mongo.

Mongo compass

To browse mongo in graphic mode you will probably choose compass. Following after

Download and Install Compass — MongoDB Compass

you can download rpm packages


and install it

sudo dnf install -y mongodb-compass-1.35.0.x86_64.rpm

Enable Mongo Replica Set locally

Replication described here:

Replication — MongoDB Manual

is required by prisma so I am enabling it locally.

In file /etc/mongod.conf you have to replace



  replSetName: "rs0"

then reload mongod service

sudo systemctl restart mongod

Login to database by mongosh and use command


then you can confirm changes by


If you experiencing more complications there is great article with advanced config

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